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The Dangers of Comparing Yourself to Others

The workplace is one of the most competitive environments out there. This is especially true if you’re looking to move up in a company. There are always new challenges, new projects, and competition between co-workers to worry about. It’s no wonder that inevitably we start comparing ourselves to others. While at first, this might seem like a good way to motivate yourself to be better. Eventually, comparing yourself to others spirals into a battle you can never win. So, let’s break down when a bit of competition is a good thing and when it’s gone too far when comparing yourself to others.

Some Competition is Good

I know, ironic right? We’re writing about why comparing yourself to others is bad, but we’re also saying some competition is a good thing. Well, here’s why. Some competition is good because it keeps all of us ground. It shows us what others are doing and creates a reference for us to judge our progress. By watching what others are doing, you might discover a new way of doing something and see how they’re interacting with others and learn some tips yourself. Lighting a little flame under yourself is good. Now, that’s is about the extent of comparisons usefulness.

Comparing Yourself is Detrimental

At the core of comparisons is a lack of self-worth. Comparing yourself stems from two things Either a way to increase your view of yourself by deeming you or your work superior to others or by feeling inferior and holding your work back. It’s natural to want to compare yourself to others, but rarely if ever does it increase our status, performance, or happiness. Over time, this mindset will eat away at you and you’ll be looking to others for validation.

Anxiety isn’t Good

Competition causes anxiety. It is common for people who compete too hard with others to suffer from anxiety, which then requires them to consume antidepressants or CBD products like gummies (that can be purchased from a long beach weed delivery service provider like Healing Nug Delivery).

Remember that being competitive can quickly transform into a toxic trait. While you may feel like you do your best work under pressure in the office, this isn’t the kind of pressure you want. Constantly being on the lookout for other coworkers’ performance, is distracting and brings negative energy with it. When you feel like you’re doing worse than your team members, you create the environment for anxiety to bloom, which can lead to other mental health issues. You can start being depressed or may have a hard time sleeping during the night. These symptoms could also increase to the extent that you may have to look for help either from a professional or through alternative medications such as medical CBD and weed (for which perhaps Fresno Flowerz are your one stop shop for weed delivery).

Moreover, constant stress and competition can make you feel suffocated even when you feel like you’re doing better. You cause anxiety by holding yourself to an unrealistic and everchanging standard. Hence, for the time being, you may need to relax even in the office whenever you are feeling anxious. You could go for a 10-minute walk outside or simply play an online game on websites like while sitting in the cafeteria. You could also call up your friends to talk about your problems and tell them that you are not feeling well. That will most likely make you feel connected with them as if you have someone you can rely on in the event of an emergency.

Comparisons Don’t Inspire Creativity

You are unique. No one sees or thinks of things the same way you do. If we all did things the same way, no one would ever advance, and nothing would get done. Our skill sets inspire our work to take on new challenges and find better ways of doing things. When you’re comparing yourself to others, you’re brushing aside everything unique that you bring to the table in favor of doing things the same way someone else does. Bring your suggestions and voice your opinions. It’s okay when you agree with others, but don’t be afraid to voice when you don’t.

Don’t Place Others on a Pedestal

Sometimes other people can seem like they have it all figured out. Every project seems to go off without a hitch and they seem to be loved by everyone. When that happens, placing them on a pedestal seems only natural. Don’t do this. You don’t know their story or what they’re going through. Maybe you think they’re beloved by everyone, but they aren’t, or they don’t see themselves that way. By treating people as equals, we avoid adding undue pressure to both our lives and theirs.

Be Realistic with Yourself

We all want the best for ourselves. Holding ourselves to a high standard isn’t inherently a bad thing. However, when we lose track of what is realistic and what isn’t, things go south. While you may want to be able to juggle multiple projects, meetings, and events, and have them all go off without a hitch, that might not be realistic. If you’re just starting or have a lot going on, relax with the self-induced pressure. Take on what you know you can handle, do the best job you can, and once you’ve got that down, then you can start taking on more challenges.

Be Confident

The biggest lesson to learn why you find you comparing yourself to others is to check your confidence. Confident professionals don’t base their view of themselves on others. Have faith in your abilities and set your own goals. Trust yourself to go in the right direction. You are enough the way you are, and any changes or improvements are only improving on something already great!

It’s common to evaluate yourself against others. We all experience insecurity occasionally and act in this way. Stopping this thought process and these behaviors are crucial. Be honest with yourself, and believe in your own abilities. You bring a unique perspective and outlook to the world; be self-assured enough to do so. However, if you lack the desire to believe in your abilities, you might want to sign up for a personality development course like Hello My Friend Meditation program, where professionals might be able to give you advice on how to better understand life, hope, and inspiration as well as how to advance personally.

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