Keep it CLEAN! Does social media really affect you getting the job?

What you post on social media is only for your friends to see—or so you think. When looking for a new job, the last thing you think about is your social media account. Now more than ever, hiring managers and recruiters are using social media as a screening tool during the hiring process.

Possible candidates are being weeded out because of the inconsistencies that show up between their social media accounts and resumes. It is extremely important that your online presence (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) match what is on your resume. Even if the variance between your resume and social media accounts is an honest mistake, it may come off as poor attention to detail or that you are prone to make errors.

Yes, it’s your account, but if it is public anyone can see it. Think of your social media accounts as your own personal brand. If you don’t want a future employer to see it… Don’t post it! Politics and posts that contain negative language are never a good thing to have on your accounts. If you want to have the freedom to post what you please without any possible repercussions, consider making your social media accounts private, and keep your LinkedIn strictly for business.

When you have decided to begin your job search, make sure to use social media as a self-marketing tool. Tailoring your social media for your desired job position will give you an advantage over other possible candidates, for knowing how to brand yourself in a professional manner looks good to many employers. In this era, your social media presence could be the determining factor of you getting the job you desire.