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Traits every Leader Must Have

Everyone has a different idea of what makes a leader. What we can all agree on is that a leader can lead their team to success or failure. So how does one work and establish themselves as a leader? We’ve identified five crucial traits a leader must-have. Let’s take a look.

Leadership Traits


Before one can go any deeper into establishing themselves as a leader, they must learn the importance of honesty. A leader must be honest with themselves, their team, and their company. Holding oneself accountable allows for failures to be acknowledged and addressed. It shows that no matter what you’re facing, you can be trusted to give the truth. Lastly, being honest sets an example for others to follow. Which is after all, what a leader is supposed to do.


Confidence is a complicated trait. As a leader, you may not always be completely self-assured, however, confidence goes beyond that. Being confident doesn’t mean that you don’t worry about the outcome of things, it does mean that you believe in your abilities. Having confidence allows for faith in yourself. No matter what comes your way, you rely on yourself to get through it. This inspires those around you to approach their work from the same confidence. People will look to you, so hold yourself with assertiveness and authority and you will establish yourself as a leader right away.


A leader has to be the hardest worker on the team. You set the pace for what your team accomplishes. If you’re slacking off, others will learn to do the same. Give your all to what you do, get involved in as much of the work as possible, and give everything you do your full attention. These things are what distinguishes a leader from the pack. Your commitment not only inspires but establishes the respect you need to lead.


Communication is the hallmark of every great leader. Being able to relay information and get your team up to speed is something you must be able to do to be successful at work. If you fail in this regard, you’re not only causing your work to suffer, but your communication skills have a big impact on those who work for you. Keep your team in the loop, check in on them, reach out to them even before they ask for help, these open communication channels and keep you ahead of everything.


The last crucial trait we’ve focused on is creativity. Creativity is the driver of every worthwhile leader. A leader must be able to see things differently and discover new ways of doing things. To stand out from the people you work with, you need to be able to innovate. This shows that you’re the one who should be in charge. As a leader, you’re not only in charge of work but also driving the vision for the company you work for. Thus, creativity must be at the forefront of what a leader engages with day to day.

A good leader incorporates all of these qualities. They each support each other to create someone with the traits that make them worth following. If these are things you think you’re lacking, then identify how you can strengthen yourself in these areas. Trust in yourself and get ready to lead. When you’re ready to take your next steps in your career, look to JōbSource to find you the job you need! Visit our job postings here online or any of our branches to get paired with an expert recruiter and get hired.