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Getting Motivated at Work

Ideally, every Monday we’d all come in ready to go. Our projects would get our full attention and we’d go after the success we want with absolute vigor. In reality, that’s not always how we feel. Getting motivated to do your best at work isn’t always something that we wake up already ready to do. So, if you need some advice on how to spark your motivation and take on the day head-on, then we’ve got you covered.

Take Your Breaks

We wanted to start with this one because so many people don’t take their breaks throughout the workday. Skipping lunch may seem productive or like a good way to show that you’re committed to the project your working on, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Your breaks give you a crucial time to recharge. With your breaks, you can give your mind some time to focus on something other than work. With rest, you’ll be able to hit the ground running when you get back to it.


Clutter and confusion can kill motivation. If you don’t know what to do or how to do it, how can you be expected to be motivated at work? In short, you can’t. Not every company is as organized as we may want them to be, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be organized. By writing down your tasks, making sure you know where your files are, and clearly outlining your projects and what it takes to get them done, you can build a system that allows motivation to prosper.

Ask for New Projects

Not every task we have to do in our jobs is exciting. That’s just the nature of work. Regardless, there will be projects that pique your interest every once in a while. When they come up, go for them. If you’re still having trouble getting assigned something like that, reach out to management and your coworkers. By actively pursuing projects that you find interesting, the boring daily work that you dread doing will seem like less of a blow to your motivation. So go out there and find something exciting!

Focus on the Things You Love About your Job

When we get exhausted at work, we tend to only focus on the negatives. While this is easy to do, it should absolutely be avoided. That mentality can lead from irritation on one assignment into full-blown dissatisfaction with your job. Next time you’re faced with something that is stressing you out or causing a blow to your motivation, take some time to focus on the things you love about your job. If it helps, write them down and keep them on your desk to remind you. Shifting your mentality will put into reference how small some of the complaints your having are and serve to remind you of the things that could get you motivated in the first place.

Motivation doesn’t always just happen. Sometimes it takes a little focus and a little encouragement. Follow these tips and make staying motivated a priority. You’re your biggest motivator! If you’re looking to take that motivation and turn it into a career, visit the job postings here at JōbSource or come into one of our branches today! An expert team is standing by to help.