What is Work Culture?

What is work culture? Many would define it as the environment in which the employees work in. Other elements can include the companies mission, values, ethics, expectations and so on. We here at Jōbsource believe it’s our team members that make our culture.

One of the best ways to gauge work culture is by really listening to team members and understanding the areas where it may be strained. Having leaders that acknowledge what their teams are feeling, and experiencing is crucial for the organizational culture. Leaders have a strong influence on how team members act and even perform their jobs.

Also, creating meaningful experiences and work perks can help, but companies can do more than that. Whether it’s assisting team members by finding mentors, peer learning, building desired skills, allowing team members to make decisions as to how they want to grow empowers them and enables their growth.

We believe that work culture is the key to successful team members. We should give each team member a purpose, the opportunity to learn new skills, and the ability to contribute to our team. We should celebrate all their successes and appreciate team members’ work and unique contributions (to learn how, check out this article here).

An effective management strategy relies heavily on employee recognition. In order for employees to relate recognition to their behavior, you need to explain what the recognition is for. As a result, performance continues to be strong. Employees will be less likely to believe that affirmations are genuine the longer it takes for managers to recognize them. You should ensure employee recognition is a priority and implement formal recognition systems before it is too late.

Organizations that are successful at cultivating a healthy work culture are most likely to earn the trust and loyalty of their employees.