Why hire an agency?

Agencies can play a critical role in helping you find the right candidate for your company without putting stress on your human resource department. The best agencies will be able to surpass your expectations by making sure all prospects that step into our office meet all of your requirements.

Most agencies conduct employee screening and testing. Your company may not have the resources or time to engage in these practices. Most agencies offer skill tests, background checks, and reference checks that are required for your open positions.

Relieving your human resources department from multiple hours a week filtering though resumes of unqualified candidates is not an effective use of their time. The process can be tedious and frustrating for multiple departments. A good staffing agency will ensure all candidates that make it to an in-person interview are the very best.

In contemplating hiring an agency for your hiring needs, review the terms of doing business with the firm, how long it might take the agency to source positions, what their referrals have to say about their work and their fee structure.

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